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Hi! My name is Aline, I’m 18… and I’ve been lurker since forever… and all I own is make up by splash(really cheap brand), some milani, and some eye smudge I got for my b day. So I’ve only begun to experiment with eyeshadow in the past few months, and I obviously need help. I only ever wore eyeliner, if that…so criticism is more than welcomed.
I was wondering…
How does the quality of bombshell bath and pure luxe compare to that of mac(and other more expensive brands). I am after all, a cheap ass.
I would buy some mac eyeshadows/pigments even though the price is high... , but if there is a similar, still good quality one in pure luxe, i'd rather spend it on pure luxe(or bombshell, or w/e)...
Please excuse the bad pictures. These were not originally taken to show my make up…or with a good camera

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Also, this is ...random, very...but does anyone know who this is?
She might be in one of these communities...
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Thank you all if you read this. I hope I can get creative and add to this community as time goes by=).
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